The hitch system

of the future



Fast and safe changeover:

Trailer changeover in under 30 seconds. Hitching of trailer or attachment in under five seconds. The correct electrical and hydraulic hoses connections every time. Option for ISOBUS and PTO.

Excellent comfort and time saved:

Customers see the difference – reporting at least 20–25% efficiency gains. 20-25%. Fully automatic connection of trailer and attachments from the tractor or forage harvester cab.

Safe working environment:

SIWI Combi-Hitch means the safest possible working environment with no persons between machines. No need to leave the tractor or forage harvester cab.

Backlash-free tow:

SIWI Combi-Hitch is built around a K80 ball hitch to ensure the best possible stability on the road and in the field. The system locks automatically together with the coupling.

One system


SIWI Combi-Hitch is the hitch system of the future. A hitch system that lets you change your attachments or trailer directly from the tractor or forage harvester cab. When hitching all you need to do is reverse the tractor or forage harvester, lift the module up and connect the hydraulic hoses and electrical power – all done from the cab seat.

You can use the system for many different tasks – from forage harvesting to muck spreading.

There is unlimited scope to how you can effectively use the SIWI Combi-Hitch system.

The SIWI Combi-Hitch is ideal because it means easy, precise and efficient fully automatic coupling, which is crucial when it comes to earnings and safety.


Collecting straw –

efficient and easy


Feed mixer –

safe and easy


Spreading of fertilizer –

return on investment in one year

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