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Karel Kennes purchased his first SIWI system back in 2020 and has here in 2023 further invested in mores systems. The use of our SIWI System is primary for Grass and Corn harvesting. Karel is always running CFT to minimize the soil pressure and maximize the output for his customer.


Karel Kennes

Dutch agricultural contracter De Schalm B.V.

During their first two years’ use, the Siwi hitches have proved extremely reliable and always couple correctly.”We remain delighted with the system and wouldn’t be without the hitches now. They aren’t cheap, but for our type of work they make a huge difference, and there aren’t many things that we could invest in which would provide such benefits to our working efficiency in return.

James Shorten

agricultural contracting, AJ Shorten Ltd

Using SIWI means we save an extra man. It all happens with much better flow. I will definitely recommend it to others

Morten Christensen

Farmer, Vestegnens maskinstation

In this video the SIWI Combi-Hitch supports Niels with disabilities, so he can do his job just as good as the other co-workers. He can perform the work from the cabin, with one tractor.

Niels Hansen


With SIWI Combi-Hitch you can switch between your tools and trailers. You can use SIWI Combi-Hitch for many tasks – everything from chopping to manure spreading.

SIWI Combi Hitch system, can disconnect and hitch Hydraulic, PTO and electrical connection in one operating on the fly.
Save money when you only need one operator, and one tractor to operate several different wagons, and different harvesting machines.
Best and safe invention for the farming community.

Jørgen Rostgård

CEO, Rostgård maskinstation

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